The Grey Death Problem for Version 15
Last Update MAR-2006

An installer is a special type of program that installs C.A.R. on your computer.

I first tried a $600 program called the Wise Installer.  When it worked, C.A.R. ran perfectly.  Problem was it only seemed to work and install on 75% of the PC's it was run on.  Others it would just hang up or run forever.

So Wise sold me their Windows Installer for another $600.   This used the installer built into Windows.   After two days of learning it and getting it set up, I found it worked 0% of the time -- it never installed the needed DAO database support, was not capable.

So I blew another $600 on the Instalshield Windows installer, spent two days getting it to work.  This is what Ver. 15 now uses.  Good news -- it always runs fine.  Bad news -- it missed the DAO support about half the time.

So I'm down $2400 and 6 days of work.


I have now found that if you can get Version 14 to install, then install Version 15, it will likely work!  If you wan to try, here is Version 14:
One person had to put Windows into Safe Mode to get the 14 installer to run.  But then all went well.

I'm still working on it, but the frustration level has to drop just a bit.


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