C.A.R. Support

Please, please read our Q & A section first.  You just might get your question answered right now.

Also please make sure you have the most recent release of C.A.R. -- check the Download page to see.  You can see what version you have by clicking on the C.A.T. logo.

Also please check out our list of any Known Bugs Or Problems.  Yes, as impossible as it may seem, there are a few bugs in this first public release of C.A.R.

C.A.R. is supported via email or Postal Mail.  

If you are having trouble with the program, please be certain to include:

  1. Any error messages (be very specific)?
  2. Can you repeat the problem?  Exactly what steps are needed to recreate it?
  3. If you are having trouble importing old logs -- would you attach a copy of the .CAR and .CFG files that cause the trouble?
  4. You computer's operating system (WIN XP, etc.)?
  5. What version and Build Number of C.A.R. you are using?
  6. Have the logs have been imported from an earlier version of C.A.R.?
  7.  What is your country, and what measurement options did you pick (Gallons, Liters, etc.)?
If you think it may help, send along a copy of your CAR.MDB file.  You must compress it with WinZIP or a similar program -- 
do not attach the CAR.MDB file directly to an email

as our firewall will block the file.

You can contact us at


or at

C.A.T., Inc.
ATTN.: C.A.R. Support
P.O. Box 292039
Kettering, OH  45429-0039  USA
There are so many combinations of hardware and software out there, both proper and broken, there are certainly ones out there that C.A.R. won't run on.  We do not guarantee it will run on every computer out there. Try it for 30 days before you buy it, please ask for help if it doesn't work, buy it if you like it?

Mailing List

There is an e-mail mailing list for users of CAT Software.  It is used to send announcements about the software to users.  It is very low traffic -- about one message per year until recently.  Your address is never used for any other purpose by anyone.  Registered users of C.A.R. will be automatically added to it.

To subscribe to this mailing list, simply send an e-mail to subscribe@cat.cc with a message of:

subscribe car

To remove your address from this mailing list, simply send an e-mail to subscribe@cat.cc with a message of:

unsubscribe car

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