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Registering your copy of C.A.R. 15 only costs US$24.95, a fraction of what you will save on repairs and of the increase in resale value.  Click here to read our Updates & Upgrades Policy.

If you haven't downloaded C.A.R., use the Get Car button to the left to get a copy. Please be sure and try C.A.R. for free first -- make sure it works on your system, make sure you like it.  You can try it for free for 30 days. Registrations are non-refundable.

Version Updates & Upgrades

Please click on Updates & Upgrades for details.

How To Register

You can pay for your registration with any major credit card, or with an E-Check from your checking account.  The transaction is guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

You will receive an Unlock Code via e-mail within 72 hours of your completed payment -- typically within 24 hours.  You can use C.A.R. for free for 30 days, but please don't wait till the last day to register.  This code will unlock all versions 15 of C.A.R. -- it will not work with version 14.

Please be careful and enter the exact Owner Name to be registered below.  This will appear as the vehicle owner on printed reports.  Examples: John Q. Owner or Joe's Trucking.    Please enter either your name or the name of your company or organization.

Owner Name To Register
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If you have any trouble registering, please let us know at Support@CAT.cc

If you'd prefer, you can also mail your check or money order for $24.95 to the address listed at our support page.  They must be in U.S. funds, and check orders are held till they clear. Be certain to include the exact User Name you wish to register.

Mailing List

There is an e-mail mailing list for users of CAT Software.  It is used to send announcements about the software to users.  It is very low traffic -- about one message per year as of late.  Your address is never used for any other purpose by anyone.  Registered users of C.A.R. will be NOT automatically added to it.

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