C.A.R. Updates and Upgrades Policy

Our update and upgrade policy is pretty much the standard for the software industry today.

When you register a version of C.A.R. your registration key will work for all updates of that main version.  For example, a key for version 14.0 will work for 14.1, 14.2, etc.  These updates are primarily used to fix any problems or difficulties found in the original version, not necessarily to add new features.  Your registration buys you a working copy of a version with all the features promised for that version.

When an upgraded or "new"  version of C.A.R. is released with new features and functions (such as version 15.0 did), registered users will be given a substantial discount on the registration of the new version.  If you register C.A.R. and a new version is released within 60 days of your purchase, you will be given a registration for the new version at no cost.

Chris sincerely appreciates the support of users of the old DOS versions of C.A.R.  This new "version" is really a completely different program written from the ground up.  Taking into consideration that the use and registration of the DOS program was free, we can't offer any discount to users of the DOS program.  We have tried to make the registration price to all less than most companies charge for just upgrades.

If You Qualify For A Free Upgrade

You will be sent a new key via email automatically when a new version comes out.  If you don't get one, please let us know at Support@CAT.cc.

You can pay for your registration with any major credit card, or with an E-Check from your checking account.  The transaction is guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

To Purchase An Upgrade

Please click here.

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