C.A.R. -- Chris' Auto Recorder by C.A.T., Inc.
C.A.R. keeps records of operation and maintenance for vehicles of all types.  Cars, trucks, busses, boats, airplanes -- just about anything that requires scheduled maintenance or for which you want to track the cost of use.  It tracks usage by odometer or hour meter, and maintenance can be scheduled by usage or by time intervals.  It also can be used with any machinery that requires scheduled maintenance such as machine tools or construction equipment.  It is very flexible and can be customized -- you can even use it to track your pet's expenses and remind you when its flea drops are due.

C.A.R. has just about every feature needed to track your car's use.  It has been in continuous development for over 14 years, with tons of user feedback and requests incorporated.  It has been designed to work in most countries using their currency, and can work with US, English, or Metric measurements.  It supports “US” or “European” style dates.  Sorry, you must drive on the right side of the road.  (Just kidding).  It can deal with the real world, like missing records, odometer replacement, etc.

C.A.R. is powerful, yet easy to use.   You'll know how to use it the first time you run it.  No degree in computer science needed.  No functions hiding away under layers of drop-down menus -- no drop-down menus at all,  just big green pushbuttons.  It doesn't have any fluff either -- no advice on improving fuel economy.

It's written by a programmer with over 31 years of programming experience, and we promise you'll find it simple to use.   The log it provides can add greatly to your vehicle's resale value.   Proper maintenance can save you from breakdowns and huge repair bills.

By the way -- you don't have to use all the functions.  If you don't want to enter fuel purchases and calculate fuel economy -- don't.  If you use it just to remind you when to change the oil and to track your repairs, you'll still find it easily pays for itself.

Basic Functions

C.A.R. has five basic functions:

  • It keeps a record or "logbook" for each vehicle or machine.  The logbook consists of log “entries” for the various events that take place.  There are built-in standard entry types for fuel purchases, preventative maintenance, repairs, etc.  You can also add custom entry types for each vehicle.  Entries are listed in the logbook by date.
  • It calculates statistics from the information in the log, such as costs per mile or kilometer or hour.  It creates MPG and cost graphs.
  • It tracks maintenance that is scheduled for each vehicle or machine, and when it is next due.  Maintenance can be scheduled by usage interval (miles, kilometers, or hours), or by time (every 30 days, etc.), or both.
  • Maintenance due can be exported to the Microsoft Outrlook "To-Do" list for reminders.
  • Maintenace request forms can be printed for your use, or to give to your mechanic.
C.A.R. is free to try for 30 days.  Try C.A.R. for a month -- check it out, kick the tires. If you like it you can register it and keep it.  So, if you just want to try it right now -- click to download C.A.R.
If you'd like to see more first, you can take our tour of C.A.R.
If you've tried C.A.R. and want to keep it, register your copy.

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