Users Of The Old DOS Version Of C.A.R.

Chris sincerely appreciates the support of users of the old DOS versions of C.A.R.  This new "version" is really a completely different program written from the ground up.  Taking into consideration that the use and registration of the DOS program was free, we just can't offer any discount to users of the DOS program.  We have tried to make the registration price to all less than most companies charge for just upgrades. 

Please Click Here to download the new program:

A few questions from the Q&A Page:

Q: Is C.A.R. for Windows just the old program ported over to Windows?

A: The Windows version has been rewritten from scratch, but the way it works is heavily based on the old program.  So that makes it a "new" "old" program.  Version 14.0 was really the first release -- many more features are planned for the future.

Q: Does this version of C.A.R. automatically remind me of when PM is due like the older versions did?

A: No, but it can export reminders to Microsoft Outlook as items on your "To Do List."  Outlook will then remind you.

Q:  What else is different in the function of the new Windows version of C.A.R. 14.0 vs. the previous MS-DOS versions?

A: There are all sorts of minor and major enhancements from picking a vehicle by title, not file name, to a new pie chart of expenses.

PM and Inspection entries are now combined under PM.  You can now have an unlimited number of them for each vehicle.

All vehicles are now stored in a single file, CAR.MDB.

The custom type log entries no longer have a number of individually labeled entry blanks.

It is no longer necessary to have C.A.R. sort the log, this occurs automatically now that computers are more powerful than the 286 system C.A.R. was first written on.

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